North Cumbria Amputee Society



What We Aim To Do:

Our aim is to help amputees their families and friends to adjust to the loss of limbs. We help our members to meet together, support each other and to provide social activities, information and support.

To establish a positive working relationship between users and the Centre / Hospital Trust staff and management and provide an opportunity for users to give feedback, input their ideas and voice any concerns they might have about the services provided by the centre

Who Can Join NCAS

Membership is open to everyone who has lost a limb, people with vascular disabilities, older people and their families and friends.

How To Get In Touch

It is not necessary to be a member in order to receive our information or to have a chat with us. We are always ready to meet with people who have had an amputation, to share common problems and to find solutions. We are a friendly, personal organisation who are willing to help as much as we can.

Tel: 07760 115522.